Leadership is Vision, Ideas are for Godot

The greatest compliment I have ever received in my life is excellence in leadership and driving vision. Ideas are as common as grass, they are clouds floating and many have them waiting for history to catch up with them. These are the; I am right and always right in hindsight because I did nothing folks.

Leadership and vision are active states, one holds and drives leadership, makes choices and fails. Vision is an end definition, you have to choose a point on the horizon and take actual steps to get there. Driving a vision for your life, your family, your business is not casual or passive.

Yes the leadership role has a shadow, actually many classic architypes can show up from dictator to magician. But no goal has been achieved without vision. Even Columbus had a vision of getting to the East Indies when he bumped into North America. Perhaps our visions get hijacked by new data or reality but nothing gets hijacked in the parking lot.

Respect follows leadership not ideas, we may like a great poet or philosopher but we respect and follow visionaries from Steve Jobs to Martin Luther King.

Tim Bates