Inbound Tele-sales/Appt. Setting

Pet peeve # 451 – Yes the numbering here is not random this burns me but more so burns companies in the B2B market. We get calls all the time for services and I often take as many as I can to learn how they are approaching me. BTW, We have three different businesses, a Consultancy, a Software SaaS company that was enterprise two years ago and an Analyst firm.

All three get calls from B2B services firms and for the most part the cold callers have not even used a search engine to look up the company. This simple step would save considerable bad calls and would even lead to increased success rates.

Dialing for Dollars is as old as Alexander Bell himself, he was trying to sell Watson a phone! Call list today have greater potential than ever so if you have a defined market target or even hypotheses of how a market would respond to your product you can get great large sample feedback.

Calls are market feedback period. Who listens, how long, what questions are hang ups, which are interest inducers? If your script caller is not logging and listening to the other side you loose data! Calls per hour callers are a waste of time, annoy the market and foul the waters for the rest of us!

Tele-marketing is Inbound! You push then listen to what the prospect responds to!

Tim Bates