Bad Innovation?

Ok are you focused on innovation or problems? Focused on the Problem is the best Strategy! Recently I am seeing innovation that is not problem focused, no evidence of design thinking or contextual interviewing. One of the essential books in business innovation is the “Innovators Dilemma” sadly though many new start-ups don’t seem to have read the book.

They are over shooting the market potential for integrating any innovation but also you can spend big cash on something that has no main street potential. Bad Innovation is a reality, a clear example is home automation, many great ideas with reach beyond current environmental but also beyond what folks anywhere in the bell curve would want.

We can use software to read any sensor data but do we want to “live stream” the lawn sprinklers? There are things that are automated so you can forget about them and some try to automate what we want care take. Do you want to automate the great martini? Or feeding your baby? Those may be clear examples but others fall in the bell curve.

Why do player pianos also allow manual play? Baking cookies to some are an act, to others it is an art. Frankly I am on the burnt side of cookie cooking while many are on the gewy/chewy side.

Yes there is bad innovation that does not add value.

Tim Bates