It’s all about the work!

My favorite book is “The Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand. In the book the primary character is Howard Roark, an innovative and gifted architect punished by the silly media critics for his greatness. Those who can’t do judge greatness in a manner that reduces them.

In the closing scene of his trial his speech is magnificent as can only be written by Ayn Rand. The focus of his argument is that your life is about your work and what you do with your efforts. Passion, hard work, commitment to principles and ideas overcome the garbage that comes.

As product managers, and designers we are like Howard, we gather data and execute with a balance of art, data and gut. As with anything that is in the creative and functional arena Product Management is a skillset that take enormous amounts of practice.

Book learning is important and all product manager are aggressive consumers of information and ideas. However like playing music or building skyscrapers nothing is learned without doing! No two products have the same product lifecycle, they always need to be viewed as they are in the market cross tabbed against their development challenges.

This is one reason why PMs work in frameworks and take time to “get up to speed” in any new role. It is all about the work, what you do and how you build!

Quality is the only choice we have in execution of our daily work. Each of us defines our qualities and how we execute on them.

Tim Bates