Personas = Marketing or Product Management?

Based on product lifecycle, both! In the first half of a product lifecycle the Personas are similar but should be different because we use them for separate activities. After mainstream market the curves come together and the same data and customers can help with both activities.

Tell me where you stand before you tell me where you sit. This is one of my favorite phrases and helps to describe why early market product advocates/personas can be specific for Marketing or Product Management.

Think through the personality of the early adopter and innovator, they help you learn how to automate and which features are most valuable. They help you cross the chasm of adoption and finally they help you market your product through net promotion. However they are a small market segment and marketing needs to test messaging that delivers identifiable value to a larger group of people so what lifts the hearts of early adopter is not going to convert a mainstreamer.

Later in the LifeCycle of a product the lagers endorsement brings lagers. Late market personas that suggest the last features before sunset are describing the features that prove to other lagers that the product is finally mature and safe.

Tim Bates