Measure Cut, Cut Measure

This is a theme that is growing in my mind lately. At first I was describing the to a group how Agile methodologies in development differ from the business functions. If development has good market data they are a measure cut function. We give them a firm goal in story form and they in short order deliver product or prototype.

The remaining functions of a business act more in a Cut Measure mode. We observe or discover, then probe or create hypotheses to test. Those test results are inspected and a new hypostasis is created that may require more testing or is put into development and market.

Product management has been pulled into the Agile Development world so far that I see PMs losing their identity as problem solvers and business side gate keepers. When Sales and customer service fill your back log then you work that you are being assimilated into the development team!

Let me get clear I am a big proponent of Agile methodologies and soon to launch a  web service that connects the dots between proper Policy Governance in board and team management and Agile methodologies.

You see whether you call it a story or an ends statement it is still a clear unit of deliverable and accountable work that adds value to stakeholders. How you create strong productive scrums code delivery is also how you deliver a growing profitable company.

It is Newt Rockne football, ten yards at a time! Just there is a difference on the business side, when you need to cut first then measure. Work units change in time and unit in/ unit out of work is defined in words or research. Documentation still exists because the work unit is often communication and variable. An answer can be 5 rather than 3, Done is rare.

Even in marketing campaigns success is based on not a single mail but a trend line that often is relative as to when to jump of, if things are strong great but as they soften the rate of decline and the readiness of a new concept determine sunset activity. Agile for the Business is a cut measure and can be supported by core Agile concepts, Let’s figure this out together

TIm Bates