Be here now!

Years ago I worked at a large wireless carrier and one of their management development programs for the year centered on a key phrase, “Be Here Now”.

We were seeking leaders who had the natural ability to be present in any situation.

At that time Mobile phones were just beginning to be persistent in any business environment and folks struggled not to answer all calls. Yes they checked their phone rather than focus on customer or co-worker conversations. The result is we found we were missing details that were shared but not noted in any manner. How to tick of a customer is not listen.

Today you can walk through a restaurant as see business and social groups where at least one person is checking their smart phone or carrying on a separate interaction than the one they are physically involved in.

This has gotten through a pain cycle and more people are waking up to the power of “Being here now!”  Yesterday was the first time a person wearing Google glasses engaged me in a conversation while wearing the glasses. I asked him to take them off while we spoke, he was shocked. I explained that I was having two issues: first was my time is important to me and if not to him then he should move on, Second was that I was not sure what was begin recorded by the glasses and would like to know if the conversation was “On the record?”

I am an admitted tech geek, device lover, early innovative adaptor, no one will argue that! This was the most intrusive feeling I have ever felt.

TIm Bates