Marketing with Authenticity

There is much commentary today on personal authenticity as the key to business leaders success in leadership. (Forget Politicians, the media and federal workers they gave up on this long ago) Truly authentic leaders are clear and dependable, honest in their communications, strengths and weaknesses.

When I look up the word there is a thread of words like; Not false or copied, known facts, proven, trusted, reliable…  We can all understand the concept and clearly this is one of those “know it when you experience it’ concepts.

Most will not think of attributing this very high moniker on any activity in marketing but still reserve the right to get very angry or disappointed when the messaging shows no intent to be authentic. Lately there are a number of e-mail marketing tricks and techniques being used that step over the line of false familiarity that they push prospects away rather than toward.

Start with the RE: or FW: in the subject line then add the over familiar greeting or personal request from my boss. This is how it goes, Tim, Bob Smith asked me to ensure your presence at the event, he is very focused on your joining us.

Really? The funny thing is I got one of these and Knew Bob Smith, When I called him he was so embarrassed by the false inference that he fired the vendor and content marketer.

Today there is a tendency to try anything and find the next technique that increases pull through. Frankly most are going to far and risk tarnishing the company brand before the market even finds them. My challenge is on your campaigns think of this going to a strong business contact that you want to keep in your corner. Be authentic in how you reach out and what you state. Offer to teach and to learn, engage in a conversation not manipulation just to fill a pipeline!

TIm Bates