Dynamic Market Conversations

Change as you grow, move over the chasm, become the leader on Main Street and begin your journey into the Sunset.  Think about the areas of your marketing and communications in the sales process as you pass through each area of the product lifecycle and how the market and your customers’ needs from you as a provider change.

Many companies understand the get it going and get it viral chatter, new cutting edge, innovative, a must try, everyone is turning to us. This is easy stuff frankly. The more difficult marketing comes as you grow when the market is not deciding as much about your value as when is right for them to move.

We have all experienced management changes as companies grow, the 0-$5 million or $5 Million to $500 Million teams. Well there are similar marketing trends. As your product grows and becomes more accepted or main stream the thinking needs to shift from bright shinny objects that early adopters like to plug and play instant ROI tools that Main Street likes.

Additionally early marketers like t o0 flame or ignore distractors in the market where as main street teams learn to use their jujitsu with the understanding that a mature product has as many lovers as haters today. This is why it was so effective for Samsung to use the fad effect against Apple.

Then there are marketers who understand that a company with multiple products in multiple lifecycle phases need to shift to the company messages as much as the product massages. Displaying the company heritage of success is powerful to new or established markets. Sony now is pushing into the personal SLR market where the brand is not been known so they are reminding the audience that they have led in the audio and Television markets including always being the king of broadcast video historically.

Marketing and communications is a coordinated symphony of product messages, segmentation messages and the overall company messages. Consumers today are as eager to hear about who as what. Churn is easy between vendors but disruptive and costly at best so customers care about who they are partnering with and is this a relationship that can serve both parties.

The last sentence is one for your entire team, everyone needs to present a congruent face to the market without infighting or internal finger pointing. No longer can sales hunt and customer account teams service, the market requires a continuum of skills and contact.

TIm Bates