Team and Culture

Hats off to the Red Sox for their win this year, which is hard for me to pronounce as a diehard Yankees fan! Yesterday we had a great sports discussion across a diverse group of men. A few were talking about pitching around Big Poppy for the Cards to get one more win. NO! You win fighting the battle of reality not the fight you would want.

Now there are two lessons in this series that parallel the life of a company, First is win in the market as there, don’t ignore realities or data. If you have a market to product fit and it is better than the competition great, if you are a number two then be a great number two.

The second lesson is about team, The Red Sox have the “It” factor right now. That comes often from challenge and overcoming great odds. Watching them early this playoff season in the dugout you saw the support and interest in each other’s performance.

There is a great company I worked with for a sort time this past year, great folks and great position in the market. They are failing because there are artificial walls in their organization structure. Even more so their failure is coming from a lack of need, passion, never starving or over coming.

Just too much cash, too little internal pain, too great an early position that created arrogance. Success early is often deadly as we see over time where the first into a market plants a flag in what they think was the top of the mountain and move into cruse mode. Think of those that were first in a market and now do not exist of never evolved and are rooting on the sidelines

Leaders and managers do much to keep this going and help create the ‘it” for teams and companies but the truth is the challenge definition be that competition or market generated is key. Have a mission and keep it, live it and keep it alive!

TIm Bates