Communications Platforms

Just a quick word on strategy over action. Finding that Product/Market Fix is not an end as much as it is a starting point. IF in fact you are getting the interest and convergence rate you would like then you should understand why?

Personas, Segmentation, Value, Targets you should understand them all. Now write them down. I call this a communications platform that you can use in campaigns both DR and viral. You can also help you customers describe their success and repeat that to their friends.

Also as you grow you can look at your customer demographics to understand if you are hitting the targets you set or if perhaps a new persona is emerging that you can expand on.

For the last few years I have ranted on Process, how it can help and how to design it to accelerate rather than imped activity. Proper process empowers good decisions, but how to drive that in today’s rapid, lean world?

November is my month of vacation, going to Asia! And on my return will be launching a new blog and practice based on a few years of work on Process. Basically I have taken great time proven models of Policy Governance and adapted them to the enterprise.

Ends and Means definition combined with good management training will allow you to change culture to one that has clear guidelines that empower your staff to take rapid action on means since they clearly understand the ends, values, principles and Policies of your company.

Agile means having a clear understanding of where you are and where you are going. This process allows true Agile to take root on the business and management side of the company. Watch

TIm Bates