Don’t Comment, Create

Some call this the twitter generation, there is such simple tools that allow you to comment on almost anything.  But is that healthy for us as a culture or even further as innovators. Creation takes ideas yes but more so it takes inspiration which means input, observation and communication. Communication works so much better live and face to face, yes face time, Go to meeting, video!

Comments without domain are low value in Product definition we all know this. Yea there are the blue birds but honestly nothing take the place of conversation, observation and real-time interaction. Virtual has no context it is soft data.

Think of the time you invest writing and reviewing comments, take that energy and create. I have a desk item that has the phrase “Energy Flows where Attention Goes” and lately the energy of business is focused on comments and process over execution.

My challenge to all is use energy in a productive manner much like I invest my money. Do I chase the fed actions or look at fundamentals of a company. Is the energy at our companies focused on regulatory action or grant funding when perhaps it can be used to build.

Is your team commenting or creating. Are they commenting in a productive manner? Are you establishing systems that weed out domain based comments from just open your mouth comments. I ask team to think about why they are commenting and add that to their comment internally.

This is a culture changer when the comments go from the UI sucks, to as a left handed person the UI is grossly disconnected. How about this instead of this is sloppy code, to from a sys admin and performance perspective we could combine some of these calls and cut traffic and errors.

Tell me where you stand before you tell me where you sit!

TIm Bates