Cultural Communications Breakdown

At the risk of being called “Old school” I am putting forth this RANT. I remember this course called communication arts in high school and in university but wondering if it is still being taught. Any blog is filled with posters who correct spelling and some correct grammar. I am not a zealot on either however there are standards that need to be met in any society that collide at the point of communication and understanding.

Today our politicians and media bully harass some who think differently then hoist on a pedestal anyone who endorses them regardless of quality if they support a position. This is not communication it is ossification. Bullies harass others, name call and attack. We used to say the squeaky wheel get the grease. Today it is the victim, the bully, the idea less.

I have taken general terms here and I am sure both sides are saying “yea that is them”.  The ignorance of personal behavior is appalling. It takes character to do two things in life, business and communication that seem sadly missing.

  1. Look in the mirror and address your behavior then change it
  2. Respect another’s right to have a different idea, belief, experience and for that to have potential to be correct, yes courage to be wrong yourself!

These are in rare supply today and missing from public and business communications. Our culture needs help focusing on the future state not the past not the indignation we feel or another does. There is no place in a vibrant and positive world for victims, we reap what we sow and it is time to do some sowing. The universe takes care of rewarding actions, it is my belief that we are stuck and struggling because our culture is stuck and whiney.

Let’s change today start with yourself and shut up if you can’t play nice. Get over your wounds and move forward. There is no way to grow without getting hurt.

TIm Bates