The Whole is Smarter than the Individual only when…

  •  Communication matches the task. Communication is additive when complete, clear and measured. Like oxygen to little and you starve, to much and you get lightheaded then things start making no sense.
  • Manage Egos, the big one that sucks energy out of the room is the big ego! There is a value to experience and knowledge but when that is thrown into one person or from one person the team retreats and stops listening or asking questions. More stiffing than any single item can be.
  • Compromise, is an art that many think they have but are mistaken. The trick to compromise is taking the time to understand and respect both sides of each point. Compromise is best when looked at each item level not at a team level. This is the core of political compromise that looks at teams, sides or functions win/loose scorecards
  • Respect for all and all ideas as evenly as possible. All ideas are good, many are not reasonable at a given moment.
  • A team that knows who they are and what they are doing this is principle based not action item based.

TIm Bates