Purposeful Choices Willpower!

Have been reading a book on Willpower that I am sure you have seen in the book racks. Yes I like reading books not off a pad! It speaks to the things about how we operate that truly have proven correlation to successful lives.

Never a fan here of the false “everyone gets a trophy” ideas that our children have been subject to for the last decade. Our minds and soul is smarter than that! This truth expends to managing and marketing also. Ogilvy on Advertising stated that you can sell crap once and only once as your value proposition needs to be proven true for repeat business.

Today though there is a second chance offered if you are new or marketing over rewards you from a social media perspective. Consumers are willing to suspend their experience for the mass experience just one more time which I am not so sure is a good thing.

BTW, this is a B2C reality not a B2B. So those with willpower to say their truth can be bullied down by social media pressure. Marketers need to be careful about how this occurs on their sites. There is a fine line that erodes rapidly where comments become bulling and that will affect your entire enterprise negatively.

I have written long about dismissive statements toward partners and customers who choose not to use your product or service after an honest evaluation. This is the trophy crowd trying to not admit they have failed. Choosing to build an honest culture internally and externally takes will power. Sounding yourself with yes men as a manager and only listening to the echo chamber of positive on your social media is a path to unbelievable levels of failure.

Start-ups that have funding fall into the trap all the time, Lean methodologies that put out a product that a customer pays for can help here. When a buyer makes a purposeful choice to invest money and or time with you then you have something, especially if that target has valuable time.

It is so easy to run blind of your internal and marketing cultures. Even a great sales team blames marketing for their failure needs to think about the approach to market, their activities and partner with marketing rather than just blame them for the failures. It does take willpower to  stay on path, to review honestly, not to use a bullies shield to protect yourself from reality.

Not sure of the source but I have always liked the quote that the man who resorts to name calling, violence or anger at another is the man who has run out of ideas and lost the argument

TIm Bates